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    Led strips


    Profile for 8-10mm (Max. lenght 2 meters) / Profilo per 8-10mm (lunghezza massima 2 metri)


    The luminous profiles give great freedom to the lighting designer’s imagination.
    The lighting of environments, niches, shelves also takes on a highly decorative value.
    The range of products with related accessories allows the creation of complex luminous figures that appear extremely elegant once installed.
    The characteristics of the installed stripleds are developed and selected to offer high quality light:
    it is possible to select products with CRI> 95 if we are looking for the maximum color rendering, or with CRI> 90 if you want to have a higher lumen output value Profiles and stripleds can be sold separately or requested ssembled, we are able to supply products tailored to the customer.




    Code composition

    CRI RA
    CTT K
    Beam °
    Code. VL-011-M1818A
    Code. VL-011-M1818B