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    Vianolux was born 10 years ago and is a lighting company made by experienced and passionate young people.
    To share and to dream are the basic principles that joint together the team and that they let it achieve goals in the continuous market challenges.

    We live in the fast and connected
    world, we can always be by your

    You are always welcome.

    Vianolux headquarter is based in the world’s best production location in China. The team of specialists, the production plant and facilities ensure the best quality with competitive price.
    The factory is measured with 10.000 square meters for commercial, administration, engineering, R&D, testing area, workshop and production departments.
    The administration department is in Hong Kong.
    The company has a design and development center in Italy.
    Vianolux’s showroom and the training room are based in the headquarter.
    These spaces are used for internal training as well as being available to professionals in lighting field.

    Vianolux produces led lighting fixtures for indoor applications.
    The range is composed by onsidering the needs
    of the global market with the aim to supply innovative and right product for the specific application.
    Vianolux’s products fulfill vital need such as high lumen output, high CRI and color consistency to illuminate shops, hotels, museums, offices as well as private space.
    The company combines the best supply chain partners to have the quality initial parts and the deep process in house.
    Vianolux guarantee every single product with the finest quality using the most advanced facilities in production, lines testing and aging to supply to a reliable and comfortable lighting solutions for every space and environment.

    Light makes colors, shapes, time,
    emotions happen.

    We are happy to create lighting.

    Vianolux uses carefully selected raw materials and adheres to the international standards of the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015: the company is oriented towards continuous
    to quality improvement and to respect for the environment.
    All products are developped following IEC-62471 and IEC-
    Responsibility and professionalism are the tools to obtain many prestigious certifications and to become an important partner for lighting experts: the demonstration that Vianolux is a reliable company.